Blogs wrote by Adult CHD’ers (ACHD) and Parents whose child has a CHD

We decided to have a section on blogs that are wrote by adult chd’ers and parents whose child(ren) have a CHD(s). This is so that you can read about how adult chd’ers and parents feel, their thoughts and their journeys of the highs and lows. We hope that you will find hope, and that you feel less alone because we want you to know that here that are people who have either gone through what you are going through or have already been through what you have been through.

Adult CHD’ers Blogs

Becca has TOF, PA and a lung disease called Pulmonary Hypertenstion (PH or PAH).
My name is Becca, and I am 20 years old. I was born with TOF, PA and PH. I love to read, write and I perform American Sign Language to music in a choir. I am a college student and I am getting my associates in Psychology at a community college then I will get my bachelors at the state university before going on get my masters in Counseling. I would love to work with kids and teens who have a chronic or terminal illness like myself, to help them learn ways to cope and deal with what they are going through. My blog is all about raising awareness and bringing hope, love and acceptance back into the world.

Helen Riley, Tetralogy of Fallots - Going to get Zipped Again……. Helen is CHD-UK’s North Home Counties Coordinator

Hayley Braddow, Tetralogy of Fallots - My Broken Heart. Hayley is still working on her blog and is gathering photos, and talking to her mum about how she was and how her mum felt. Then Hayley will also be blogging about her own account of what life has been like for her living with a CHD

Katie Cataldo is a teenager who was born with Hypoplastic Right Heart Syndrome (HRHS) and writes a blog for Heartwaves who have given us permission to link Katie’s blog.


Parent Blogs

The Corbin Story After losing her son to heart defects, Ruth blogs about the pulse ox bill he inspired and how his story is helping to save lives.

Marni Lombardo - Heart Mom Confessions and Findings of a CHD Mom. I’m a working heart mom of two girls trying to decipher the world of congenital heart defects as she goes. Marni’s oldest daughter was born with a CHD in 2005.

The Heart Dad, Keeping the Pulse of the Community and Advocating for CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) kids. Will Patterson’s son is due in June 2012

Updated: 15th January 2012