Born with a Broken Heart by Annette & Rick Gallegos

Born with a Broken Heart is a book aimed at children, especially siblings of a child who has a CHD. It is illustrated with lots of pictures for the sibling to understand and see what is happening as well as the story of Alex’s life.

This book isn’t just about Alex’s story; it also shares stories of survivors and other angels. Not only that but it goes on to explain what The Children’s Heart Fund in Memory of Alexander Xavier Gallagos does and aims to do. At the end of the book is a list of CHD survivors and angels, as well as links to recommended websites.

Born with a Broken Heart is an inspiratation and educational book and it is Rick and Annette Gallegos’s hope that the book will give parents and children the opportunity to learn about CHD’s. The book was wrote to show Alex’s courage and spirit that he showed in life and to inspire others who face challenges to do so with passion and the same willpower.

100% profit from the book will go to the Children’s Heart Fund in Memory of Alexander Xavier Gallegos at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Extract from Born with a Broken Heart
“The owie in his heart made oxygen-poor blood mis in the heart, making it hard for him to breathe”.

“After we had waited for a long time, the doctor came out to let us know that my brother had done well and was recovering”.

Review wrote by Hazel from CHD-UK and was first publicised in the 14th Edition of the e-newsletter.

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Wrote September 2011
Added: December 2011