Sabrina: The Girl with a Hole in her Heart

Author: Wendy Lewis
2010 Finalist San Francisco Writer’s Conference. Children’s Book

Extract: “Then Hevi takes me by the hand. She leads me to the window and points to a beautiful desert park below. From our room, I can see children swinging happily on swing sets and sliding down a yellow slide. They remind of monkeys at home, the red colobus who are very social and love to play.

I wonder, will that ever be me?”

Sabrina: The Girl with a Hole in her Heart is a children’s book and is based on a true story of hope and big hearts. Sabrina though a fictional character who represents the experience of over 2,600 children with congenital heart defects from more than forty-three developing countries to date. Sabrina takes us on a journey of how she feels from leaving her parents in Iraq to travel all the way to Tel Aviv where she then meets other children from other developing countries who are all there to have a heart operation.

Sabrina tells us about her echocardiogram (image in the book is of a real Echocardiogram of Atrial Septal Defect) and how she sees a therapist with the others who are also there for a heart operation. Sabrina tells us how they all speak different languages but can all communicate by using a communication board that Save a Child’s Heart (SACH) provides. Sabrina then tells us about the heart-lung bypass machine that she will be on (the author includes a hand drawn picture of the heart-lung bypass machine).

Sabrina tells us how she feels after her operation and is in awe, that she can now do things with no problem.

The book is very well wrote and it will help a child who is to have a heart operation understand what he or she is to go through, it is a book that will also help siblings understand what their brother or sister is to go through in regard to the operation. Parents will also find it very useful. There is also a quiz at the back of the book as well as two fun scientific models to make, one to teach the children how a heart pump works and the other is a stethoscope. On the back of the book, it states “This contemporary story is based on the work of Save a Child’s Heart (SACH), an Israeli based humanitarian organisation of volunteer doctors, nurses, and others who have saved the lives of over 2,600 children of all faiths from all four corners of the world”.

Extract: “In my dreams, I am duma, the cheetah, who outruns any boy on the soccor field until I wake up and remember the day when my chest felt heavy.

After three or four steps, I had to squat down low to catch my breath.

I tried to take one more step, and I ……”

If you would like to order the book, click on the link: Two Dolphins Publishing Group
Review wrote by Hazel from CHD-UK and was first publicised in the 15th Edition of the e-newsletter.

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Wrote January 2012
Added: January 2012