Guess Olivia’s Baby Weight Competition

Guess Olivia’s babys weight comp. Baby will be born at 35 weeks

Update 10th July 2012: The winner of guess the weight is Bravehearts, they guessed correctly the weight of Andre which is 4lb 8oz.

Competition closed - ONLY £1.00 a go, half is going to CHD-UK and the winner will receive the other half, so get guessing:

The reason behind the competition:
Olivia wanted to do something for CHD-UK but didn’t know what, someone on the CHD-UK group suggested that she should do a competition on guessing her baby’s weight, suffice to say that Olivia has now decided to do this.

Olivia is an adult chd’er, born with Coarctation of the Aorta but has not yet been operated on, she was going to have an operation but fell pregnant instead. So lets, help her with guessing the babies weight.

The person who guesses the weight correctly will receive half of the amount raised, the other half will go to CHD-UK.

The rules:
1) Guess the baby’s weight,
2) Contact Olivia with the weight you think her baby will be born at
3) Pay for the guess (£1.00 a guess).
4) We will put your name against the weight and update this page with your name and the weight.
5) Last date for guessing the baby’s weight is 10th July 2012

Entries so far:
Weight in order from lower to higher

Cathy Hargreaves - 4lb 1oz
Debbie Pemberton - 4lb 2oz
Jackie Hill - 4lb 3oz
Sara Burnett - 4lb 4oz
Ceri Stephens - 4lb 5oz
Gill Mitan - 4lb 6oz
Bravehearts - 4lb 8oz - Winners
Luke Puncheon - 4lb 9oz
Melissa Bedford - 4lb 10oz
Vicki Hendry - 4lb 12oz
Ceri Stephens - 4lb 15oz

Rebecca Saunders - 5lb 1oz
Jennifer Pencheon - 5lb 2 oz
Sara Burnett - 5lb 3oz
Helen Riley - 5lb 3.5oz
Niki Fletcher - 5lb 4oz
Crystal Duncan - 5lb 5oz
Rachel Lusher - 5lb 6oz
Fazia Shah - 5lb 7oz
Helen Riley - 5lb 10oz
Ceri Stephens - 5lb 11oz
Maria Patches - 5lb 12oz
Sarah Pycroft - 5lb 13oz
Jennie Lewtas - 5lb 14oz
Ceri Stephens - 5lb 15oz
Desiree Rebbeck- 5lb 16oz

Shirley Saunders - 6lb
Bani Shakil - 6lb 1oz
Emma Dargie - 6lb 2oz
Helen Halfpenny - 6lb 3oz
Ceri Stephens - 6lb 4.5oz
Helen Riley - 6lb 6oz
Simon Pencheon - 6lb 8oz
Tania Poole - 6lb 12oz
Helen Riley - 6lb 15oz

Helen Riley - 7lb
Mandy Rees - 7lb 10z

To enter please email Olivia on