Matters of the Heart - Volume I

Sandra Kay has gathered many stories from parent’s, adults who are affected by CHD and is planning on publishing the First Volume of Matters of the Heart in the near future. The book will have heartfelt, heartwarming, true life stories of how an individual is affected and copes with CHD to how families are affected and cope with CHD.

Please contact Sandra if you are interested in ordering the book. However, Sandra Kay is currently in the process of obtaining more CHD stories for Matters of the Heart - Volume II, if you would like to contribute to the second volumen click on this link (link will be inserted when the page is completed) which will take you to my page which informs you of what she is asking.

All proceeds from the book go to CHD Research (The Chloe Duyck Heart Memorial Fund)

To contact Sandra Kay:

Hope for Tiny Hearts - The Chloe Duyck Memorial Fund

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