This page is about raising awareness of the need for testing babies for CHD. Since the early 1970′s or even 1950′s medicine has advanced greatly, so much so that you can now have a 5D scan of your baby which will be able to detect the smallest of holes in the heart. So, please take a read and if you find it moving, then by all means sign the current petitions that we and several friends are running.

Think about this sentence:
Congenital Heart Defects are not always found during pregnancy or at birth, many are not found till childhood, adolescence, adulthood, or after death when it is to late.

This is why, we believe that every baby should have a pulse oximetry reading before they leave hospital this can help detect critical congenital heart defects and may save lives of babies and may help prevent babies who have heart abnormalities getting so ill before it’s detected.

We are campaigning for the need for every baby to have a routine test of pulse oximetry testing within 24 hours after they’re born.

Most babies appear healthy at birth yet soon after they get home things can change dramatically, the lucky ones are the ones who survive, and yet many babies still die unnecessarily. We want every baby to have a pulse oximetry test before they leave hospital as part of the routine exam to save the lives of our babies.

If you feel you would like to join this page just to raise awareness or because you have had experiences with this please do so and get your friends to join too.

As mentioned previously, there are also other ways to help check babies before and after birth for CHD:

  1. Before birth: Echocardiogram, and
  2. After birth: the pulse oximetry testing(for further information see page titled Newborn Screen for Congenital Heart Defects: Pulse Oximetry

We support and feel that a pulse oximetry after birth is needed as it’ll help detect Critical Congenital Heart Defects that the 20 week scan might still miss.

The results of PULSE OXIMETRY TESTING/TRIAL which was carried out in a Birmingham Hospital, England to see whether this is a reliable way of testing for CHD after birth has been shown that pulse oximetry does indeed detect critical Congenital Heart Defects - for more information on this, please view the Pulse Oximetry page (link above). Help us by calling for this non-invasive, painless text to be implemented as part of a newborns routine test.

To see what it looks like when you have an echocardiogram click on this link:

The Petitions

Every Baby Needs an Echocardiogram
Closing: World petition - CLOSED
UK Petition closed on 7th April 2009
Authors: Sam Mercer, Helen Howarth and Hazel Hunt (Every Baby Needs an Echocardiogram Group on Facebook)

Here is a response from a parent who is a journalist to the reply we got from 10 Downing Street Echocardiogram Petition response to 10 Downing Streets reply

Media Awareness for CHD Petition

Closing: 31st December 2008 UPDATE: This petition is NOW CLOSED but if you want further information please email us.
Author: Miss Sandra Kay (