Life Flight

Life flight is when a seriously ill or injured child, newborn or adult is transported from one hospital to another hospital or the scene of an emergency to a hospital. This is carried out in in a safe, compassionate, efficient, and expeditious manner.

In other words for those of you from the UK, these helicopters or airplanes are known as AIR AMBULANCES.

Sometimes the parents or relatives cannot accompany the patient because they may take extra medical personnel. The transport of a newborn involves various people. These medically trained people are as follows:

The Neonatal Transport Team Neonatologists: A pediatrician who specializes in the care of sick newborns.

Neonatal Transport Nurse: A registered nurse who specializes in the care, stabilization and transport of sick newborns to a neonatal intensive care unit.

Respiratory Therapist: A person who specializes in caring for the lungs and breathing. He or she maintains the infants airway for breathing as well as operating and maintaining all equipment used to help the baby breathe.

Emergency Medical Technician: A person who is specially trained to operate an emergency vehicle (ambulance) and to deliver emergency medical care when necessary.

I have got written permission from the family to post these photos so PLEASE DO NOT USE them unless you get permission from the family. These photos show a child on a life flight.


Transporting isolette….

The Transport Isolette: Newborns will be transported in a special ambulance, which is virtually a state of the art neonatal intensive care unit on wheels. This ambulance is much larger than most ambulances and has all the equipment that is needed to care for the infant. All infants transported by Angel II neonatal transport are placed in an isolette or incubator that is especially designed for transporting infants. Our transport isolette is equipped to continuously monitor every aspect of the baby’s condition while in transit. The transport isolette is double walled. It has heat and circulated air to keep the infant’s body temperature stable.

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