Companies, People and Groups Supporting

This page is about the companies and people who support what we do and includes past as well as present supporters.

Candles by Leanne
Candles by Leanne website
Candles by Leanne on Facebook
Candles by Leanne on Twitter
Candles by Leanne has partnered up with Claire’s Chutney’s, Jam’s and Jewellery to form Little Lemon Crafts.

Claire’s Chutney’s, Jam’s and Jewellery
Claire’s Chutney’s, Jam’s and Jewellery on Facebook

Delicasession and Delica Records
Delicasession on MySpace
The Delicasession Radio Show

Donna’s Dream Foundation
Donna’s Dream Foundation website
Donna’s Dream Foundation on Facebook
Donna’s Dream Foundation on Twitter

Julia’s Jewellery Box

Little Lemon Crafts Lemon Crafts website

Savette Gazzette
Savette Gazzette
On Twitter @savvymum4austism

Seven Clothing
Seven Clothing
kidse7en on Twitter

Steve Burgess
Steve B on Twitter

ThinkPad Print & Design
Think Pad Print; Design

Wishes and Angels
Wishes and Angels

Wolves Supporters FC
Wolves Supporters FC website
Wolves Supporters FC on Twitter

Past Supporters
Actual Admin
Actual Admin website.
The British Forces Network
Link for The British Forces Network
Hearts for Hearts
Hearts for Hearts
Sinpy Jo’s
Valencia Connect Listing
Valencia - Salir.Com (Reviews in Spanish)
Crazy Radio
NOTE: Unfortunately Crazy Radio has had to close down due to Cat’s health. Crazy Radio, thanks everyone who has listened to them over the last two years.
Patches Heart Group
Patches Heart Group
Raunchy Rhythms Radio
click here
Raunchy Rhythms Radio on Facebook
Raunchy Rhythms Radio on MySpace
Event Lighting
Event Lighting

If you would like to sponsor, support or get involved with CHD-UK then please contact Ceri on email